Personalised Health Checks

Healthy Living For Busy People


At  Ü  we want to help you prioritise your health and empower you to live healthier for longer. Our expert team can support you. Our bespoke health optimisation appointments are unique and personalised to your goals and start from £300. Whether it is an annual MOT or a fully bespoke package with comprehensive testing we can help you. 

£300 includes: 

  • 45 minute appointment with a GP  

  • 45 minute online appointment with a Nutritional Therapist 

  • Personalised health blueprint 

  • Additional options: 

  • Upgrade to Exclusive Membership – contact us to find out more

  • Upgrade to a bespoke programme – starts at £400 for 6 additional 30 minute follow up appointments for support, monitoring or health coaching. 

  • Comprehensive blood tests  £200 

  • Scan or Imaging (referred to local provider) – cost dependent on test required 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

  • TruAge Testing 

  • Gut Microbiome Testing  

Book a call  at Ü to start your journey to better health.