Live Healthily Through The Menopause


Are you struggling with menopausal symptoms or any hormone imbalances? We can help you! 

We have special interests in perimenopause and menopause and want to help you optimise your hormone health and all that they affect. We understand the connections between hormones and many systems in the body and therefore Menopause Optimisation is not just about HRT but also exploring the complex connections of your hormones with your life and helping you get that balance.  

Menopause optimisation £300 includes: 

  • 45 minute appointment with our GP with special interest in menopause  

  • 45 minute online appointment with a Nutritional Therapist 

  • Personalised menopause blueprint 

  • Email follow-up  

Additional Options: 

Upgrade to Exclusive Membership – contact us to find out more

Upgrade to a bespoke programme – starts at £400 for 6 additional 30 minute follow up appointments for support, monitoring or health coaching. 

Blood Tests including full hormone profiling – starts at £200 

Bone Scan – referred to local provider – starts at £150 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring - £80 for 2 weeks

Book Now at Ü to live well through the menopause.